Just Jaguars - 5 Day/ 4 Night Jaguar Tracking Tour from Porto Jofre, Northern Pantanal

Many people contact us and and say they would like to come to the Pantanal and would really like to see a Jaguar.  Let´s be clear: A Jaguar is an apex level predator.  In nature, even in the Pantanal, they are naturally quite rare.  Each has a territorial range of over 50 kilometers squared.  The chances of seeing a Jaguar on a general interest tour are slim.  As the name suggests, this tour focuses primarily on the Jaguar, but also the endangered Giant River Otter is almost always seen.  We do our best to keep our prices reasonable; however, keep in mind that Pantanal Jaguar Tracking Expeditions are generally more expensive than general interest tours because of the remoteness of the area, and that the search method involves plying up and down a labyrinth of rivers in the Lower Pantanal, including the São Lourenço, Negrinho, Cuiabá, and Piquri.

On the first day of this tour we explore the famous Transpantaneira until we arrive our first lodge, at the halfway point along the highway.  We will spend the next two days plying the river searching for the Jaguar.  On the final day, you will once again have the full day to spend with your guide along the woodland trails at the lodge or  

Southern Pantanal:

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Northern Pantanal:

Northern Pantanal Expeditions
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