We have accommodation in Cabins for two three or four people, with a maximum capacity of 16 guests. * (Other ships are available for larger groups.)


Day 1: Cuiabá – Caceres & Embark on the Paraguay River.

12h00 Meet at the Airport in Cuiabá, Capital of the state of Mato Grosso.  There will be time to eat lunch before departure for the city of Caceres.

14h00 – Transfer to Caceres 210 km (130 miles) north of Cuiaba by paved highway.

17h30– Anticipated arrival in Caceres, along the left margin of the Paraguay River, the main river of the Pantanal.

 18h00 – We will be greeted aboard the Victoria Hotel Boat, with a welcome drink.  After boarding we will leave port and begin the descent of the Paraguay River with the destination of the Taiamã Ecological Reserve (Estação Ecológico Taiamã).

20h00 – Dinner and evening free.


Day 2: Explore the Pantanal by motorboat

06h30 – Breakfast.

During the morning, while the ship continues navigating in the direction of the Taiama Ecological Reserve,  we will embark in smaller motorboats and explore several tributaries of the Paraguay River observing animals such as the Spectacled-caiman, Marsh Deer, Hawks, Jabiru Storks, Herons, Capybaras and others that live in the Pantanal Region .

11h30 – We will re-encounter the ship in time for a hardy lunch as we pass into the Taiama Ecological Reserve.  At this point we will enter an area where there exists an enormous concentration of Jaguars during the Dry Season.  The environmental legislation in effect doesn’t permit us to hike or disembark on land within the reserve.

19h00 – We will embark on the motorboats for a short spotlighting session looking for Spectacled-caiman, Tapirs and other nocturnal animals.

20h00 – Dinner and night free.



Day 3

05h00 – For those who wish, the Pantanal Reveille to appreciate the dawn in one of the most beautiful parts of the Pantanal.  Embark in the motorboat to see one of the most beautiful areas of the Pantanal.

06h30  – Return to the ship for breakfast.

07h00 – After breakfast we will return to the motorboats for a River Safari exploring the banks of the Paraguay River looking for Marsh Deer, Spectacled-caiman, Howler and Brown Cachim Monkeys and the Jaguar, which is relatively easy to find in this area.

11h30 – Lunch

19h00 – Depart of the Motorboats for a Spotlighting Tour looking for Spectacled-caiman and other nocturnal animals.

20h00 – Dinner and night free.



Day 4

06h30 – Breakfast .  Immediately afterwards we will embark in the motorboats for another chance to see the Jaguar and other birds and mammals that inhabit the deep swamp. 

11h30 – Lunch.

Afterward a hardy lunch we will Begin navigating upstream in the direction of Caceres.  During the afternoon we will be able to see the beautiful scenery, flora and fauna of the Taiama Ecological Station from the privileged vantage point of the upper deck of the Victoria Houseboat.

 20:00 H – Dinner and night free.


Day 5.

05h00 – For those who wish, the Pantanal Reveille aboard the motorboats to witness the sunrise and hear the birds sing.

06h00 – Breakfast


Early in the morning we will visit the historic Descalvados Ranch, with its antiquated beef processing plant, which in a bygone era furnished salted beef to Europe, and to this day maintains the facilities as it was when the plant operated.  While we are there we will take advantage of the opportunity to hike on the trails in the vicinity of the ranch.  We will then re-embark on the ship and continue navigating towards Caceres.

11h30 – Lunch.

In the afternoon we will stop to visit the observation point at Morro Pelado (Bare Mountain), and visit the São Antônio das Lendas Ranch where there is a large number of Hyacinth Macaws as well as other birds and other wildlife.

19h00 – Depart of the Motorboats for a Spotlighting Tour looking for Spectacled-caiman and other nocturnal animals.

20:00 H – Dinner and night free.




6º DIA: Quinta, 12 de julho.

06h30 – Breakfast

Parte da manhã, Parada e desembarque para safári ecológico em barco menor na Baía das Éguas, onde teremos contato mais direto com a natureza, ideal para fotos de diversos animais e outros pássaros. Onde aproveitaremos para fazer uma pesca de piranha.

11:30 H – Almoço.

Seguiremos subindo o rio Paraguai. Mais adiante faremos uma breve parada em outra importante fazenda histórica, Fazenda Barranco vermelho, para conhecer um pouco da sua história e as antigas instalações.

20:00 H – Dinner and night free.



7º DIA: Sexta, 13 de julho

06:00 H – Chegada em Cáceres.

07h00 – Breakfast

08h30 – Transfer back to Cuiaba.

12h00 –  Arrival at the airport and departure to your onward destination .

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