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Pousada Portal Paráiso


The Portal Paráiso Lodge is located on a ranch at kilometer 17 of the Transpantaneira Highway just after the entrance gate to the Transpantaneira Park.  The lodge is situated on an active ranch where cattle, horses and water buffalos are raised.   It is an especially good location to observe shorebirds, waterfowl and Hyacinth Macaws, especially towards the beginning of the dry season.


The lodge has ten rooms, each with a private bathroom, ceiling fan and air conditioning.  The lodge has a swimming pool and restaurant where drinks are served. 

110 Volt Electricity from the Power grid.

Laundry service is available at additional cost.

 Wireless Internet access is available at no additional cost on your own device.


Trip to the Bento Gomes River

During the dry season we make this trip on horseback in areas of the farm that are flooded during the rainy season when the Bento Gomes River overflows its banks.  In the dry months Spectacled Caimans, aquatic birds and Anacondas can easily be seen.  During the wet season we use canoes and rowboats to visit the area.   Approximate duration – 3 hours.


Boat Trip and Nocturnal Spotlighting

This trip leaves the lodge after breakfast and continues approximately 25 km along the Transpantaneira where we stop to observe wildlife and take photographs along the way until we arrive at the Rio Claro (Clear River) where a typical pantaneiro buffet-style lunch will be served.  Following lunch we will depart by motorboat for an afternoon of Piranha fishing.   After darkness falls we will make out way back to the lodge along the Transpantaneira, this time looking for nocturnaly active wildlife such as the Brazilian Rabbit, Crab-eating Fox, Ocelots, Pumas and Jaguars as well as Tapirs and nocturnal avifauna such as Barn Owls, Common and Greater Potoos, Paraques and various species of Nightjars.  Duration – Full day.


The Buffalo Trail

This trail passes through various areas of the farm starting in the highlands (cordelias) close to the lodge.  The trail passes though areas with different types of vegetation and arrives at a lowland area that is flooded during the rainy season.   In addition to the native species of the Pantanal, when we reach the lower areas  we will likely see Water Buffalo, an introduced species  which helps to reduce the conflict between ranchers and Jaguars in the region.  Approximate duration - 2 hours

The Cabrarazal Trail

Hike along the edge and within a forest of Yellow Cambara Flower Trees Vochysia divergens amidst the resplendent flora and fauna of the Pantanal.  Approximate duration – 2 hours.

The Island Forest of Rosilho Trail

This trail takes us to the Island Forest of Rosilho.  The Northern Pantanal is dominated by clear open fields that are seasonally flooded, and slightly more elevated areas of closed forests called “islands” because they remain above water during the floods.  Over the years this area has given shelter to cowboys during cattle drives and to visitors from time immemorial who have crossed through the area.   In addition to the wildlife you will encounter, this excursion is a chance to reflect upon the history, culture and customs of the Pantaneiro people of the present and the past.  The name Rosilho comes from an informal term that’s meaning varies from region to region but that indicates the race or the color of a horse.  Approximate duration – 2 hours.


The Watering Hole Trail

This trail takes us to an area with a deep watering hole that remains wet when other sources of water have dried up in the Pantanal.  It provides a refuge for Spectacled-caimans and Capybaras, shorebirds and waterfowl as well as a necessary water source for all sorts of mammals as well as a prime hunting ground for the felines of the Pantanal whose favorite foodstuffs are either bathing in the water or coming to drink it. Approximate Duration –  Two hours.


Saint Benedict´s Trail

On this walk we pass through an area of Island Forests beginning from a suspended bridge.  Many Animals such as Howler Monkeys Alouatta carya, Hyacinth Macaws Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus can be found along the way.  The name of the trail comes from a termite mound along the path that with the proper amount of imagination resembles the image of Saint Benedict.  Approximate duration – Two and a half hours.


Bicycle Trip

Departure by bicycle along the Transpantaneira Highway at between 5:30 and 6:00 which is the best time of day to observe avifauna and also great for other species of fauna.  Breakfast is served when we return to the lodge.  Approximate duration – One and a half hours.



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