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Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel


In a word, the Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel is a classic.  It was the first lodging built along the Transpantaneira.  Being a pioneer has its advantages.  The lodge it situated in a privileged location on the banks of the Pixiam River, the only continuous river that cuts across the Transpantaneira Highway.  It is located at kilometer marker 70 along the 147 km Transpantaneira Road.  As one our clients aptly put it; “It´s a nice lodge in the middle of nowhere”.  The grounds are a reference point for bird watching tours in the Pantanal.



All lodges in the Pantanal are rustic; however, the Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel is a bastion of service and reliability. It has an older; but, meticulously maintained infrastructure.   It is the last lodge on the Transpantaneira that has land-line electricity.  Its telephone service through land-lines and Vivo Cellular is as dependable as in the city, and there is Wi-Fi in the common areas.  The hotel has a staggering 33 simply decorated rooms, in an older architectural style; yet, one that integrates marvelously with natural landscape and resplendent wildlife right outside its doors.  Each room has a private bathroom, a hot electric shower, air conditioning & a choice of single or double beds.  Housekeeping keeps the rooms and grounds in immaculate condition, and even those who don’t speak Portuguese will observe the pride and professionalism of the kitchen staff who serve mouthwatering food.  As travel professionals we find it phenomenal the attention to detail that the administrative staff has whether they are attending only a few eco-tourists during the dry season or have a full house of festive Brazilians during national holidays in the wet humid months.  While we live in an age of design hostels and eco-chic lodges, the decidedly old school Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel remains a staunch classic.


The Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel is situated on a large ranch, so there is ample room for Eco-tourist activites.  There are three kilometers of well-marked hiking trails through the Gallery Forests surrounding the fertile Pixiam River as well as an additional 3 kilometers of designated trails through fields and scrub lands. This area serves as a reference point in the Pantanal for Bird-watching Tours. Staying at the Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel gives you access to private roads away from the Transpantaneira which are ideal not only for horseback riding, but Nocturnal Spotlighting Safaris as well.

The available activities include:

  • Boat Trips on the Pixiam River
  • Hikes
  • Birding
  • Horseback Riding
  • Nocturnal Safari on the Premises


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